Digital Advertises Our Tomorrow: The Future of Communication Is Here

abstract three dimensional representation of cyberspace and the internet. Photo Credit: Steve Johnson- Flickr.

The future of communication is here in the form of digital signage on buildings, blogs criticizing companies or lauding products, live television shows watched on mobile handsets and online avatar characters used to enter virtual web environments and interact with colleagues, friends and strangers. This stranger-than-fiction future may not have enveloped the Middle East yet, but in… more

New Media Mandates a New School System

Photo licensed by Creative Commons.

New Technology Poses Challenges to Educational System The digital revolution and the ubiquitous presence of the internet, social media and new communication technologies has profoundly altered traditional forms of education and is undeniably shaping a new educational landscape. The conventional schooling system now needs to reinvent itself in order to adapt to a situation where students have… more