Market Matrimony

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Market Matrimony Communications Consultants Advocate the Marriage Between Shareholders and Corporations. The wedding season has arrived this summer, which means not only fireworks, flowers, beautiful designer gowns, tuxedos and people spending half their salaries on wedding lists, but also pairs of souls bound for life, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness… more

Post-Revolution Communication: Media Outlets Must Guide the Post-Revolt World they Created

The sweeping social changes and revolutions rocking the Middle East and North Africa in recent months have indeed taken the world by surprise. Although many analysts and experts agree that these movements will result in a lasting change that will drastically modify the region’s geo-political landscape, no one knows yet in which direction this change might head…. more

How Everything You Don’t Say Makes You a Leader

YouTube Screenshot. Photo Courtesy: The Power of Body Language-Obama Romney by Suzanne Masefield

 Presidential Beyond Words  “Obama’s weaknesses on full display in debate”; “Obama admits debate performance a flop”; “In debate style and body language, Romney trumps Obama”. These have been the sort of remarks making headlines since the first of the three United States presidential debates in the run-up to the vote between Democratic incumbent, President Barack Obama, and… more