Remembering Ramsay Najjar


رمزي النجار ضيف برنامج هيدا حكي مع عادل كرم

الخبير في التواصل الإستراتيجي رمزي النجار ضيف برنامج هيدا حكي

استضاف الممثل والإعلامي عادل كرم الخبير في التواصل الإستراتيجي رمزي النجار، وذلك ضمن برنامجه هيدا حكي الذي يعرض على شاشة الأمّ تي في اللبنانيّة كلّ ثلاثاء في الساعة 9:30 مساءًا ...
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From Feeding Egos to Creating Strategies (Interview by JAD HAIDAR)

His talent for expression coupled with a genuine sense of self saw him chairing various roles within an industry struggling to find its identity. Unclouded by the pleasures of personal ...
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abstract three dimensional representation of cyberspace and the internet. Photo Credit: Steve Johnson- Flickr.

Digital Advertises Our Tomorrow: The Future of Communication Is Here

The future of communication is here in the form of digital signage on buildings (such as LED video screens from companies like SNA Displays), blogs criticizing companies or lauding products, ...
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Market Matrimony

Market Matrimony Communications Consultants Advocate the Marriage Between Shareholders and Corporations. The wedding season has arrived this summer, which means not only fireworks, flowers, beautiful designer gowns, tuxedos and people ...
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