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Photo Credit: Trinity Care Foundation. School Health Program in Karnataka, India.
Real Deal or Fake Zeal? As we finish the season of giving and head into the new year, perhaps it is time for the business world to consider its own commitments to society and take so-called corporate social responsibility (CSR) ...
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Word Cloud, Seeking a Fourth Estate. Created on Tagul by Rouba El Helou.
Seeking a Fourth Estate  Whether the Parliamentary elections do take place on time or in several months, we are most certainly entering “election season”. This will mean an even bigger flurry of political programming with politicians vying for airtime and ...
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Byblos Port-Lebanon. Photo Credit: Rouba El Helou.
It Is All in The Delivery Lebanese democracy, which the international media had long lauded as a rarity in the Middle East, is now being mourned in the aftermath of the decision to extend the Parliament’s mandate last month. With ...
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Usher Gift Card. Photo Credit: www.brandme.com
Backing of Superstar is a Double-Edged Sword Those of us living in Lebanon can’t but notice the recent profusion of ads featuring celebrities promoting different causes: actors and athletes encouraging people to drive carefully, well-known female figures supporting breast cancer ...
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Word Cloud, Content Is King. Created on Tagul.
"The single biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has taken place."One could easily argue that in this statement George Bernard Shaw aptly described the affliction of the world of corporate communication for the longest time. Communication is ...
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Photo licensed by Creative Commons.
Communications Experts Offer Tips on Empowering Employees As part of their communication efforts, companies have used and abused actors, athletes and celebrities as brand ambassadors who endorse and become the face of their brands. The pairings of George Clooney with Nespresso, ...
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