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The sweeping social changes and revolutions rocking the Middle East and North Africa in recent months have indeed taken the world by surprise. Although many analysts and experts agree that these movements will result in a lasting change that will ...
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  Accountability and Citizenship Are Key Concepts   Flying insults, throwing water, swinging chairs — spectacles more befitting a wrestling match or an episode of Jerry Springer than a political talk show. While arguably no longer a novelty, the scene that unfolded live in ...
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A security persuthern-Indian city of Hyderabad
Facebook recently announced that it is going public, in a move which would constitute one of the biggest offerings and tech initial public offerings in history, estimated to reach $5 billion. While dwarfing the $1.67 billion raised by Google in ...
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A Massacre in Europe Gives Cause to Review the Arab Media The attacks perpetrated by Anders Behring Breivik in Norway on July 22 had the unintended effect of unveiling bias and prejudice in the Western media, and sparked worldwide debates ...
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YouTube Screenshot. Photo Courtesy: The Power of Body Language-Obama Romney by Suzanne Masefield
 Presidential Beyond Words “Obama’s weaknesses on full display in debate”; “Obama admits debate performance a flop”; “In debate style and body language, Romney trumps Obama”.These have been the sort of remarks making headlines since the first of the three United States ...
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Steve Jobs speaks at his keynote at Apple's Worldwide Developer's Conference. Photo Courtesy: Ben Stanfield, Flickr
Steve Jobs is being mourned the world over, not just as a revolutionary inventor and talismanic chief executive officer, but also as an iconic personal brand and a globally-recognized leader who touched the lives of everyone, not simply the Apple ...
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