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Market Matrimony Communications Consultants Advocate the Marriage Between Shareholders and Corporations. The wedding season has arrived this summer, which means not only fireworks, flowers, beautiful designer gowns, tuxedos and people spending half their salaries on wedding lists, but also pairs ...
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On Marriage. Photo Credit: Steady Flow Blog.
How to Keep the Momentum in the Battle for Civil Ceremonies Khouloud Sukkariyeh and Nidal Darwish, two seemingly ordinary people in love, became overnight the poster children for the fight to legalize civil marriage in Lebanon, an uphill fight the ...
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How to Improve Communication Skills. Photo Credit: Career Rocketeer.
A Good Communications Strategy Can Help Win the War Against Religious Extremism What comes to mind when you hear church bells ring or the call to prayer resonate across your city? These age-old holy sounds have been echoing throughout the ...
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Election Advertising- Lebanon 2009.
Lebanese Campaign Elections Creative but Bold Never in Lebanon’s election history have the eyes and ears of citizens been saturated — some would even say jammed — with such an overwhelming quantity of colors, pictures, slogans and counter-slogans. Billboards, TV ...
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Silvio Berlusconi
Football Needs to Be Kept Open to All, Not to a Few June: The grip of football fever will soon engulf the globe as all eyes turn to South Africa, the host nation of one of the biggest events on ...
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Recently, the satellite providers Nilesat and Arabsat decided on a unilateral basis to block the Al Alam Arabic-speaking Iranian pro-government channel. Without delving into the underlying causes which triggered it, one cannot but notice the zeal and passion with which ...
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