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Lebanon‘s Election Campaigns Brash but Empty of Content

Election Advertising- Lebanon 2009.

  Lebanese Campaign Elections Creative but Bold Never in Lebanon’s election history have the eyes and ears of citizens been saturated — some would even say jammed — with such an overwhelming quantity of colors, pictures, slogans and counter-slogans. Billboards, TV ads, YouTube clips and Facebook pages were ruthlessly employed to target the highest possible number of… more

Conquering the Mutated Face of Censorship – Try As They May, the Internet Will Win Over Governments

Recently, the satellite providers Nilesat and Arabsat decided on a unilateral basis to block the Al Alam Arabic-speaking Iranian pro-government channel. Without delving into the underlying causes which triggered it, one cannot but notice the zeal and passion with which a large number of journalists, intellectuals and politicians, often known for their opposition to the Iranian regime,… more