Conquering the Mutated Face of Censorship – Try As They May, the Internet Will Win Over Governments

Recently, the satellite providers Nilesat and Arabsat decided on a unilateral basis to block the Al Alam Arabic-speaking Iranian pro-government channel. Without delving into the underlying causes which triggered it, ...
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Post-Revolution Communication: Media Outlets Must Guide the Post-Revolt World they Created

The sweeping social changes and revolutions rocking the Middle East and North Africa in recent months have indeed taken the world by surprise. Although many analysts and experts agree that ...
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Views, Previews and Reviews: Media, Communication and Arab Spring

“What’s new? What have you heard? Latest news… Detailed report… Newscast, news roundup, breaking news, live, the headlines, official sources, confirmed reports, leaks, analysis, opinion, statement, comment, interview, contact, face-to-face ...
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Constituent Responsibility to Demand Political Accountability

  Accountability and Citizenship Are Key Concepts   Flying insults, throwing water, swinging chairs — spectacles more befitting a wrestling match or an episode of Jerry Springer than a political talk show. While arguably ...
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