Views, Previews and Reviews: Media, Communication and Arab Spring

“What’s new? What have you heard? Latest news… Detailed report… Newscast, news roundup, breaking news, live, the headlines, official sources, confirmed reports, leaks, analysis, opinion, statement, comment, interview, contact, face-to-face encounter, talk show, article, editorial, publication, correspondent, news agencies, press conference, satellite channels, the internet, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, website, YouTube, Flickr, text message, data piracy, hacking, smartphones, eye witness, intervention, report, scoop, news ticker tape, news summary, activists’ news, back to local news, international news, financial report, weather report, forecasting natural disasters: earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes…”

This is only a sample of a full and varied lexicon at the rhythm of which we currently live. Despite different and rapidly evolving lifestyles, the essence remains the same: Man’s constant need for and obsession with… the news. Yesterday, it was the “heralds and harbingers”, the church bells and calls to prayer… Today, the sound of an SMS, the news flash, and the Blackberry ring have replaced the cries of the newspaper vendor… The methods have changed but the news remains the same.

… From the constants and observations that I will overview throughout this book, I will aim to accompany you on a journey that is intended, as laid out earlier, to give media and communication their due. Meanwhile, we will also shine the light on our Arab world in particular, we who speak one language, belong geographically and historically to one fabric, and aspire to and deserve much more from our media, communication and advertising. On this expedition, we will also attempt to imagine together, via deductive reasoning based on facts and logic, the future of Arab media. How will we communicate in the coming decades? Will we remain as we are, mere consumers of media and communication? Will we rise above to fashion our own media, if only by producing the content? With these questions, I welcome you aboard this book… Let the journey begin![layout show=”3″]

Ramsay G. Najjar, Views, Reviews and Previews: Media, Communication and Arab Spring, Executive, 2012.

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A Veteran of Media and Advertising Industry in the Region.

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